General instructions

ACUFIRM surgical needles are shipped non-sterilised and sealed in PET-foil to ensure protection of the needles from exterior influences.

ACUFIRM cannulas are shipped non-sterilised, in environmentally friendly cardboard boxes.

Our products can be used up to 5 years from date of purchase under conditions of proper storage in the original sealed packaging.

Storage: Our products should be stored in the original packaging under dry and dark conditions at a room temperature of 10-40°C. During storage of ACUFIRM products in their original packaging, exposure of the items to mechanical pressure is to be avoided to prevent the occurence of accidents as well as of damage to our products.

Do not use products removed from wet or damaged packaging.

Our products must be thoroughly cleaned prior to sterilisation. Only cleaning materials that have been recommended for medical instruments should be used.

Sterilisation: Our products should be sterilised in stainless steel needle cases using an officially approved steam autoclave in accordance with the manufacturers instructions. Under no conditions may the products be steam autoclaved together with items made of plastic, rubber or silicone to avoid particle deposits on the surface of our products.

After each use our products should be thoroughly cleaned (see obove); the needle surface and needle tip must be carefully checked and sterilised according to the manufacturers instructions. In case the tip or the surface of one of our products has been damaged as the result of previous applications, the use of the respective product must be discontinued.

ACUFIRM surgical needles are to be used for surgical procedures only.

Our highly developed quality control system ensures that only faultless products leave our warehouse. Should you nevertheless be dissatisfied with one of our products, please return the respective item to us in its original packaging, indicating the reason for the complaint, as well as the date and place of purchase.